Embed the Chatbot on a Website

Learn how to embed the chatbot directly into your website's interface

Instead of redirecting users to a separate platform or page for interacting with the chatbot, you can easily embed the chatbot into any website interface so that visitors who visit the website can interact and with the chatbot without leaving the website.

Step 1 - View the Bot Settings

Go to your "Your Bots" Page and click on a bot. If you haven't created a Bot yet, read this Quick Start Guide.

Step 2 - Add Allowed Domains

For security purposes, the chatbot will only work on domains you add. You can add multiple domain names if you have multiple websites.

  1. Click [Integrations] on the left hand side menu, then click [Embed on your website]

  2. Click [Javacript], then click [Manage allowed hosts]

  1. Click [Add new allowed host]

  1. Enter the website domain that you allow the chatbot to be displayed on, then click [SAVE]

Step 3 - Copy and embed the code on your website

  1. Click the [copy] icon to copy the embed code to your clipboard

  1. Paste the embed code on your website

Embed on HTML Website

Place the embed code within the HTML of your webpage near the closing tag.

Embed on WordPress

  • If you are using WordPress, you can usually place the embed code within the HTML editor of a post or a page.
  • Switch to the "Text" editor rather than the "Visual" editor, and paste the embed code where you want it to appear.

Embed on Blogging Platforms (eg. Medium, Blogger)

  • Follow the platform-specific instructions for embedding content.
  • There may be a specific "Embed" or "HTML" option where you can insert your code.

Embed on Content Management Systems (eg. Joomla, Drupal)

  • Consult the documentation of your CMS for guidelines on embedding content.
  • It often involves using an HTML or code block within your content.

Disabling the Chatbot on the Website


Click [Manage allowed hosts] to see list of allowed domain names, then click the [delete] icon.