Quick Start Guide

Create and embed a chatbot on any website in just a few minutes

Step 1 - Upload files or links of your knowledge base and help articles.

  1. Log into your Botsonic account, click [Home] from the left hand side menu to get to the Dashboard

  2. Click [Create bot]

  3. Enter a name for your bot (eg. Customer Support), then click [Create Bot]

  1. Upload Files - click the [Sources] tab to upload documents of your knowledge base and help articles.

    • Click the [Files] tab then upload the file/s into the upload box. You can upload multiple files at a time.

    • Click [Upload and Train]

  1. Upload a Link or URL - click the [Sources] tab to add links of your knowledge base and help articles or a link to your website. Read this to learn more about the different Types of SOURCES that you can upload to train your bot.

    • Click the [Links] tab, the paste the link into then press enter or click the [+] button. You can add multiple links at a time.

    • Click [Upload and Train]



Step 2 - Customize the appearance of your bot

Click the [Appearance] tab on the left hand side menu. Read this step by step guide on How to Customize the APPEARANCE of Your Chatbot

Company Name

Enter your company name


Customize your bot's subheading

Company Logo

Upload your company logo

Bot Avatar

Upload an avatar for your bot

Accent Color

Select an accent color

Widget icon

Select an icon for the chat widget

Widget Position

Select left or right for the widget position on your website's screen

Widget is Open by Default

Select a setting to open/close the widget by default

Don't forget to SAVE your changes!

Step 3 - Test your bot

Note: Make sure your Bot has been trained with the question/message you're posting.

  1. Click [Test bot] from the top left corner of the page to open the [preview pane]

  1. Enter a question, make sure the answer can be found on all the files and/or links you've uploaded

  2. Enter a couple of more questions to thoroughly test your bot's responses.

Step 4 - Embed the bot on your website!

  1. Click the [Integrations] tab
  2. Select [Embed on your website], then click [Javascript]
  3. Copy the embed code (click the copy icon to easily copy the code to your clipboard)
  4. Paste the code into your website's HTML code where you want to display the chatbot.


Want to start configuring your Bot?

Read this step by step guide on How to Configure Your BOT SETTINGS