Workdpace Stats

On dashboard, you will be able to see workspace's stats.

Now lets deep dive in understanding what these stats means.

  • Characters used:

    Shows the characters used by users till now.
  • Bots:

    Shows the total number of bots in your workspace
  • Team members:

    Displays the total team members in your workspace.
  • Money saved:

    Amount of money(in USD$) saved by all bots together, displayed for a workspace
  • Users:

    Shows the total number of unique users that have interacted with current workspace's bots collectively
  • Conversations:

    total number of conversations conducted with bots in this workspace collctively
  • Resolutions:

    total number of conversations marked resolved by users.
  • Time saved:

    Based on each bot's conversation, we help you estimate the amount of time saved colelctively by all bots in your presnt workspace.

While all other fields are not configurable, you can configure the Money saved analytics for each bot to get a better idea on the Return on Investment

Configuring ROI

  1. Go to specific bot > Settings > Bot settings > Advance analytics to calculate saved time and money
  1. Set the USD$/ hourly rate for your bot's expense estimation.