How to Collect Data with a USER FORM

User forms provide a structured way for the chatbot to collect information from users. Instead of relying on free-form text input, user forms guide users to provide specific details in a predefined format.

Here are some use case examples where user forms may be used:

  • Customer Support - for reporting issues or bugs or to seek assistance.
  • Lead Generation - for capturing lead information, include name, contact details, company name, and specific details about the user's interest or needs.

Step 1 - View the Bot Settings

Go to your "Your Bots" Page and click on a bot. If you haven't created a Bot yet, read this Quick Start Guide.

Access to this feature varies based on the specific plan you have chosen.

Step 2 - Customize the form fields

  1. Go to [Settings], then click [User form]
  2. By default, a name and an email field is pre-set with the chatbot.
    • Check/uncheck the box to make the field mandatory
    • Edit the [field label] to customize the text displayed on the chatbot

  1. Click [Add new] to add additional fields (email ID, phone number, text)

Step 3 - Save and show the form on the chatbot

  1. Click [SAVE] for any changes you've made.
  2. Toggle ON, then [SAVE]


You can enable/disable Captcha

User Form Responses

You can view and download user form responses from the chatbot's [Inbox]. Read this step by step guide on how to View User Form Responses