How to Upload Training SOURCES for Your Bot

Learn how to train your Bot by uploading essential documents and references to Botsonic in just a few clicks.

Training your Chatbot is essential to enhance its accuracy and efficiency to automate conversations, provide assistance, and interact effectively with users and provide valuable information.

With Botsonic, we've made it easier for anyone to get a ChatGPT-driven AI Chatbot up and running in just a few clicks!

To train your Botsonic Chatbot, you'll need to upload the essential documents containing all the information and references to help the Bot retrieve and process the information requested by users that the Bot interacts with. Think of it as handing off documentation and references to your team to learn so they can answer any questions sent by your customers, clients, and/or members.

Below are the different ways to upload your data:

  1. Upload FILES (PDF, DOC, DOCX, TXT)
  2. Add Webpages and Sitemaps
  3. Upload FAQs and Answers
  4. Import and Sync from Notion