View Chat Messages and Post Feedback

Learn how to view chat conversations, filter positive and negative feedback, add an FAQ directly from a chat message, block IP addresses, export chat data and data captured from user forms

Step 1 - View the Bot Settings

Go to your "Your Bots" Page and click on a bot. If you haven't created a Bot yet, read this Quick Start Guide.

Step 2 -View Chats

  • Go to the [Inbox], then click [Chats]
  • You'll see the list of chats listed vertically on the left side of the page, tap one and you'll see the entire chat conversation.

Filter Chats

  • Click the [filter] icon and select from the filter options

  • You can filter chats by recent first, negative issues, or positive issues

View Positive and Negative Feedback

  • Users can give thumbs up/down on any response from the chatbot or when they end the chat conversation.

  • Positive feedback will show a [green check] on the chat

  • Negative feedback will show a [red x] on the chat

Create an FAQ from a Chat Message

  • If you encouter a conversation where the chatbot may have provided insufficient information, you can either update or add SOURCES, or you can create an FAQ directly from the chat message.
  • Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs are designed to address common questions and are typically presented in a question-and-answer format. Read this article to learn more about Uploading FAQs

  1. Click the [3-dot] icon, the click [Add to FAQs]

  1. Enter the answer, then click [SAVE]

Block an IP Address

If a user should be blocked from submitting any new chats and interacting with your chatbot, click [Block IP] from the conversation panel in the Inbox > Chats.

Export chat data

  1. Click [Export all data] from the top right corner of the page

  1. You can select a period or duration (today, yesterday, last week, last month) and your preferred format (xlsx, csv, json)

Step 3 - View Users

  • Go to [Inbox], then click [Users]
  • These are form responses captured from the built-in user form. Read this article about How to Collect Data with a USER FORM
  • You can also export all the responses into an CSV file.