The Botsonic Dashboard

One place to create and view your bots as well as view your workspace stats.

You can access your Dashboard by clicking [Home] from the left-side menu.

The dashboard is divided into 3 sections:

  • Create bots
  • View your bots; and
  • View workspace stats

Create new bot

Create a Bot

  • for interacting with customers or users to provide real-time support
  • for accessing and processing content from internal knowledge base articles and documentation.

View your bots

  • You can view, rename, clone, and/or move the bot to and from another workspace within your account
  • To access and customize the bot's settings, just click on a bot

View workspace stats

At a glance, you can view the following workspace stats. Read this article to learn more about Workspace Stats

  • Usage
  • Inbox
  • Return on Investment