Where can I Find my Bots?


You can find all the Bots you've created in your Dashboard as well as in "Your Bots" section.

Access Your Bots in the Dashboard

Click [Home] from the left-side menu. Your bots are located at the bottom part of the Dashboard.

  • To view and access the bot settings, just click on a bot.
  • To rename, clone, move, and/or delete the bot, click the [3-dot] icon

Your Bots Page

Click [Your Bots] from the left-side menu.

  • To view the bot settings, just click on a bot.
  • You can also view and access the bot settings, rename, move, and/or delete the bot from here.
  • For bots that you've deleted, you can restore them by clicking on the link. Note that all deleted bots will be permanently deleted after 30 days.

Workspaces & Bots


Think of each workspace in Botsonic as a home for your Bots

  • You can invite your team to collaborate on a shared workspace.
  • You can move Bots from your private workspace to your shared workspace or the other way around.
  • By default, you are assigned to a "Private Workspace." You can create a shared workspace by clicking the down arrow beside the workspace name.
  • Read these articles to learn more about creating a shared workspace and inviting team members to collaborate