Add Webpage Links

Learn how to add links to webpages as a source of data for AI-Bot training

Did you know that you can simply copy and paste a link from one of your webpages as a source of data to train your Bot?

Step 1 - View the Bot Settings

Go to your "Your Bots" Page and click on a bot. If you haven't created a Bot yet, read this Quick Start Guide

Step 2 - Add Webpage Links

  1. Click the [Sources] tab, then click [Links]
  2. Copy and paste in the URL of webpages, knowledge base articles, or youtube videos. Click the [+] button to add more links, then hit enter.
  3. Click [Upload and Train]


Botsonic can access and reference content from most websites, with a few exceptions:

  • webpages that are not published publicly
  • webpages that restrict crawling
  • content that is behind paywalls or requires user authentication
  • webpages that primarily consists of image, audio, or video content without any accompanying texts

Step 3 - View Links Status

Click [Sources], then click [Links] to view if the link status is waiting, processing, and trained.

Step 4 - Configure the Links Settings

Click the [3-dot] icon, then click [View Details] to do the following actions:

  • Pause file usage
  • Set reference visibility

Pause File Usage

Toggle ON to temporarily pause file usage as a data Source for your Bot.

Enable or Disable File Visibility as Reference

Toggle ON to set the file to be shown as a reference on your chatbot's responses.

Alternatively, you can enable/disable this from links table

Edit the link

  1. Click the [3-dot] icon, then click [View details] to open the link settings
  2. Click [edit], then edit the link
  3. Click [Save]

Delete the uploaded link

  • Click the [3-dot] icon, then click [Delete]
  • You can also click [View details] to open the file settings, then click [Delete]

View Extracted Data

To quickly view the extracted data to verify the contents of the link you've uploaded, click the [Extracted Data] tab from the file settings panel.


Autosync Data from Webpages

Did you know that you can automatically synchronize the data from webpage links that you've added as a training source for your Bot? In other words, once you've enabled AutoSync, Botsonic will use the latest data from the website pages that you've added in your Sources section. To learn more, read this step by step guide on how to Auto Sync Data from Webpages