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Botsonic's Subscription Plans

Botsonic's subscription plans are meticulously crafted to cater to businesses of all sizes and requirements, offering a range of options that align with your needs and budgets. Whether you're a startup seeking to dip your toes into the world of conversational AI or an enterprise ready to embrace the full potential of advanced AI workflows, Botsonic has a plan tailored to your unique goals.

Free Plan

No credit card is required to get started

For individuals looking to dive into the world of conversational AI without any upfront financial commitment, Botsonic's Free Plan offers an ideal solution. This plan provides users with access to a single AI-powered chatbot, coupled with a generous one-time allocation of 100 messages. This setup allows you to fully explore the capabilities and benefits of conversational AI without any obligations.

The Free Plan is an ideal choice for businesses seeking to:

  • Evaluate the capabilities of Botsonic's AI agents
  • Test the platform's functionality and user experience
  • Gain insights into the potential impact of conversational AI on customer interactions

While the Free Plan offers a limited set of features, it provides a risk-free opportunity to explore the world of conversational AI and assess its suitability for your business goals.

Professional Plan

Priced at $40.83 per month when billed annually (or $49 when billed monthly)

As your business grows and your conversational AI needs to evolve, Botsonic's Professional Plan emerges as a compelling solution. This plan unlocks a wealth of features designed to empower your customer experience and operational efficiency.

With the Professional Plan, you gain access to all the features included in the Free Plan, plus additional advanced features designed for more intensive use::

  • Two AI-powered chatbots
  • A monthly pool of 3,000 messages
  • Integration with a wide range of popular apps and services, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Zapier, WordPress, Slack, Google Tag Manager, Google Chat, Calendly, and Notion
  • Lead capture forms
  • Ability to upload sitemaps with up to 5,000 URLs
  • Automated email transcripts
  • Request callback button
  • Advanced branding options (with an additional $99/month add-on)

For the Professional Plan, Botsonic provides the following add-on options:

  • Additional Chatbots: Add up to three extra chatbots for $99 per month each.
  • Extra Team Members: Expand your team by adding up to 10 members at $25 per month each.
  • Botsonic Branding Removal: Remove Botsonic branding from your chatbots for $99 per month.
  • Additional Character Allowances: Purchase additional character allowances at $10 for every 20M characters per month.
  • Additional Messages: Supplement your monthly message allotment with various options, ranging from 2,000 extra messages for $25 per month to 16,000 extra messages for $200 per month.

The Professional Plan is tailored for businesses seeking to:

  • Enhance customer self-service capabilities
  • Streamline internal processes through automated employee assistance
  • Leverage conversational commerce to drive sales and customer satisfaction
  • Integrate AI agents seamlessly with existing tools and platforms

With its comprehensive feature set, the Professional Plan empowers businesses to scale their conversational AI initiatives, fostering improved customer experiences and operational efficiencies.

Advanced (AI Agents) Plan

Priced at $249 per month when billed annually (or $249 when billed monthly)

For businesses looking to scale their self-service capabilities and automate tasks with intelligent AI agents, Botsonic's Advanced (AI Agents) Plan offers a robust solution. This plan is designed to empower your team with advanced features and integrations, ensuring seamless operations and enhanced customer experiences.

With the Advanced (AI Agents) Plan, you gain access to all the features included in the Professional Plan, plus additional advanced features designed for more intensive use:

  • Includes: 5 team members
  • 12,000 messages/month
  • 2 chatbots
  • 100M Upload Characters
  • Create industry-specific workflows with AI agents that reason and execute tasks automatically
  • Up to 5 behaviors and 2 abilities (per behavior)
  • No limit on sitemap size
  • Auto-sync from your website and 3rd party platforms
  • 1 training session
  • Dedicated Slack channel for 1 month (optional)

The Advanced (AI Agents) Plan is tailored for businesses seeking to:

  • Scale self-service capabilities with intelligent AI agents
  • Automate complex tasks and workflows
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing tools and platforms
  • Enhance customer and employee experiences through advanced AI interactions
  • Note: The cost shown does not include the required, one-time AI Agents Onboarding fee of $500. Learn more.

With its comprehensive feature set, the Advanced (AI Agents) Plan empowers businesses to leverage the full potential of AI, driving efficiency, innovation, and exceptional customer experiences.

Enterprise Plan

Starting at $800 per month

For businesses ready to embrace the full potential of conversational AI and harness the power of advanced AI workflows, Botsonic's Enterprise Plan stands as the pinnacle offering. This plan is meticulously crafted to meet the demands of large-scale organizations and complex use cases.

The Enterprise Plan delivers an unparalleled suite of features, encompassing everything offered in the Professional Plan, in addition to:

  • Five AI-powered chatbots
  • A generous allotment of 25,000 messages per month
  • Ability to create automated workflows with AI agents capable of making autonomous decisions
  • No limit on sitemap size
  • Access to premium apps and integrations, such as Salesforce, SharePoint, OneDrive, and HubSpot (with Active Campaign integration coming soon)
  • Auto-sync data from your website and third-party platforms
  • Advanced branding options
  • Handoff capabilities for email tickets and live agent support (via Zendesk, Freshdesk, and Salesforce)
  • Advanced AI analytics
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) and SAML login
  • Training sessions
  • Priority support
  • Dedicated Slack channel for direct support (optional)
  • Invoicing options
  • API access
  • Audit log

The Enterprise Plan is the ideal choice for businesses seeking to:

  • Implement advanced AI workflows that adapt to real-time conversations
  • Integrate conversational AI across multiple touchpoints and platforms
  • Leverage AI agents for complex decision-making and autonomous actions
  • Gain granular insights through advanced AI analytics
  • Ensure enterprise-grade security and compliance

With its unparalleled feature set and scalability, the Enterprise Plan empowers businesses to unlock the full potential of conversational AI, driving innovation, efficiency, and exceptional customer experiences.

How to Access the Plans and Billing Page

To access your Plans and Billing page, click your [avatar] at the top right corner of the page, then select [Plans and Billing].

View your current plan details

  • Current plan and pricing
  • Next billing schedule and plan inclusions
  • Ability to unsubscribe from the plan or pause it.

Upgrade or downgrade your plan

  • You can upgrade or downgrade your plan
  • View and compare plan inclusions before making any changes


Unsubscribing from a paid plan

  • Your plan will be automatically switched to the Free Plan
  • Bots will continue to be functional within the message limit and character uploads of the Free Plan
  • Functionality of existing integrations will be disabled

Edit billing details and view invoices

Activate Paid Add-Ons

Toggle the controls of the add-on to see the new pricing per month, then click [Change plan] to activate the add-on.

Note: Access to add-ons varies with the plan you've chosen.

View the breakdown of fees and inclusions of your plan when activated

Increase the number of messages per month

Move the slider towards the right to select the number of additional messages per month

Add team members

Click the [-/+] dials to adjust the number of team members you want to add to your team.

Increase uploaded characters per month

Click the [-/+] dials to adjust the number of uploaded characters per month (1 unit is equal to 20M characters per month)

Enable Zendesk live agent handoff

Toggle the switch to enable Zendesk Live Agend Handoff.

Hide Botsonic branding

  • Toggle the switch to enable the ability to hide the "Powered by Botsonic" branding on the chatbot
  • Then go to the Bot's Settings Page to hide it. Read this article to learn more about Bot Settings > How to Hide the Botsonic Brand

Switch to a Monthly or Annual Payment Plan

  • Toggle the monthly/annual switch to select the right payment plan for you.
  • Review the new price, then click [Change Plan] to activate the new payment plan.