Import and Sync from Notion

Learn how to integrate Notion to import and sync pages from your Notion workspace

Before you begin

  • Log into your Notion account in another tab.
  • Take note that you cannot install the integration to a Notion workspace where you are a guest.
  • Note: Access to this feature varies based on the specific plan you have chosen.

Step 1 - View Bot Settings

Go to your "Your Bots" Page and click on a bot. If you haven't created a Bot yet, read this Quick Start Guide

Step 2 - Connect Notion

  1. Go to [Sources], then click [Apps]
  2. Click [Connect]

  1. Click [Select pages]

  1. Select the pages that you want to import, then click [Allow access]

Step 3 - View Notion Page Status

  • Once ou've successfully connected Notion, a "connected" status will be displayed on the Notion App box
  • Notion pages that you've connected will be displayed on the [Notion] tab at the bottom of the page where you can view the status of the connected pages, if waiting, processing, or trained.
  • To verify that the changes made on the Notion page has been successfully synced, click [View Details]

Step 4 - Configure Notion's Integration Settings

Click [Settings] to view/update the settings:

  • Click [Modify selection] to re-select the pages you want to sync. This is useful if you have new Notion pages or if you want to disconnect pages that you no longer want to sync.
  • Click [Sync now] to sync all the pages you've selected. This is useful if you've made some changes on the Notion page.
  • Click [Autosync on] and select a sync frequency to ensure that all Notion pages that you've connected is automatically synced periodically.
    • Every 24 hours
    • Every 15 days
    • Every 29 days
  • Click [Delete integration] to remove and delete the Notion integration

Enable or Disable File Visibility as Reference

Toggle ON to set the Notion page to be shown as a reference on your chatbot's responses.