Import Files from Sharepoint

Learn how to integrate Sharepoint to import files from your Sharepoint account

Before you begin

  • Log into your Microsoft account in another tab.
  • Note: Access to this feature varies based on the specific plan you have chosen.

Step 1 - View Bot Settings

Navigate to your Botsonic Dashboard by clicking on [Home] from the left hand side menu. Then click and open the Bot you want to connect. If you haven't created a Bot yet, read this Quick Start Guide.

Step 2 - Connect One Drive

  1. Go to [Sources], then click [Integrations]
  2. Click [Connect]

  1. Select [One Drive], then click [Connect]

  1. Click [Connect] on the One Drive integration box
  2. Click [Connect] on the One Drive dialogue box
  3. Click [Accept] to give permission to connect your Microsoft Account

Step 3 - Select Files to Import

  1. Click [Select Files] on the One Drive integration box
  2. Select [One Drive], then check off the files you want to import
  3. Click [Import]

Step 4 - View status of uploaded file

  1. On the "Uploaded Files" section, click [One Drive] to display the uploaded files
  2. View file statuses as: Waiting, Processed, and Trained

Enable or Disable File Visibility as Reference

Toggle ON to set the uploaded files to be shown as a reference on your chatbot's responses.

Disconnect Sharepoint

  1. Click [Disconnect] on the One Drive integration box
  2. Click the [Configuration] tab, then click [Disconnect]