Slack Integration

Learn how to set up the Bot to interact with your team in Slack.

This integration allows Slack users to interact with your chatbot within Slack. Think of the Bot as another Slack team member. You can send a direct message to the Bot or invite the Bot into a public, private, and multi-user channels.

A good example of using this is for internal SOPs. Instead of looking through lots of pages of internal SOPs, manuals, and documents, your team can save time by asking the Bot about internal rules and how things are done.

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As we are using artificial intelligence, it can generate inaccurate responses.

Step 1 - Connect & Install

  1. Navigate to your Botsonic Dashboard by clicking on [Home] from the left hand side menu. Then click and open the Bot you want to connect. If you haven't created a Bot yet, read this Quick Start Guide.

  1. Click [Integrations] from the left hand side menu, then click [Apps]

  1. Look for the [Slack] integration. Click [View], then click [Install]

  2. Select the Slack workspace you want to connect, then click [Allow]

  1. Click the Botsonic channel from the left hand menu, under the apps section, then click [Activate Botsonic for Slack]

  1. Enter the Chatbot's Botsonic's API Key.

Step 2 - Test the integration

Once you've connected your Botsonic Bot with Slack, you can interact with it in various ways.

  • NOTE: Make sure the Bot is trained with an uploaded file or FAQ that answers the question/message that you're posting
  • For more information about bot training, read this step by step guide on How to Upload Training SOURCES for Your Bot

Send a Direct Message to the Bot

  • Go Botsonic's Slack channel, then click the [Messages] tab
  • Type and send your message, the Bot's response will be posted on the Bot's Slack channel.

Interacting in Channels

You can interact with Botsonic in both public and private channels.

  1. Create a Channel

    • Click on "Create a channel"

    • Give the channel a name, then click [Next]

    • Select "Public" or "Private", then click [Create]

  2. Invite Botsonic to the Channel

    • Go to the newly created channel.
    • Tag @Botsonic in a message, then follow the prompt to invite Botsonic to the channel

  1. Start Interacting - once Botsonic is invited, tag @Botsonic in a message. All interactions will be recorded and accessible through the bot’s inbox.

Interacting in Group Chats

You can interact with Botsonic in group chats with selected team members. This setup is ideal for small team collaborations or project-specific discussions, allowing Botsonic to assist with tasks, provide information, and keep track of conversations within the group.

  1. Create a Group Chat
    • Click the [+] button next to [Direct Messages] from the left-hand side menu.
    • Click "Create" to start a new group chat, then select @Botsonic and the people you want to include in the group chat.

  1. Start Interacting - once the group chat has been created with Botsonic invited, tag @Botsonic in a message. All interactions will be recorded and accessible through the bot’s inbox.

Using Botsonic Commands

In any Slack channel or group chat, type "/botsonic" followed by your question or query.
Botsonic will send a response only visible to you. All interactions will be recorded and accessible through the bot’s inbox.

Conversation Recording and Access

  • All conversations made with the Botsonic Chatbot across any channel, whether public, private, or multi-party, are recorded and accessible through the Bot's inbox in Botsonic.
  • To quickly access the Bot's inbox, go to the Botsonic channel and click the link to redirect you to Bot's inbox page in your Botsonic account.
  • Read this step by step guide to learn more how to View Chat Messages and Post Feedback


To deactivate the Slack integration

Go to Botsonic Slack channel, click the [Messages] tab, then click [Logout bot]